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Cotswolds walks is a rural English town and the best way to explore this area is on foot. Here are six of our favorite circular routes that include maps and directions.

England reminiscent of green hills and chocolate box cottages. And nowhere does this bring life to life other than the Cotswolds. Here, in the center of England, streams flow through the gold-plated villages, the wooden huts, and the meadow-colored meadows.

There is no better way to explore than to fasten your walking boots and wander in this beautiful land on foot. Take broad ideas; you can walk from one picturesque valley to another; have a bar at the bar and enjoy the beautiful part of England.

There are hundreds of public roads in the area, so we have chosen our favorite Cotswolds circular roads that reflect the range of rural areas. We’ve covered the whole family’s easy walk, moving to a challenging elevation with impressive views. Three circular lanes cover part of the Cotswolds Way as it winds its way up the slope. While the other three were visiting the beautiful villages they set up along the rising rivers.

Each circular walk has our illustrated maps that you can download to your device and take with you. All the instructions are on the map so all you have to do is relax and get into the beautiful Cotswolds area. Instructions on how to download and use our maps are near this article.

VIEWING YOUR TRAVEL / If you find this guide helpful, please book your trip with the links on this page (or on our BOOKS page). This will earn us a small commission – at no extra cost to you – and help us keep track of where we are on the road. Thanks for your support – Paul & Mark.


Start – Broadway Village Leamington Car Park | Distance – 6.6-kilometer region | Time – 2 hours and 15 minutes | Height – 220 meters up and down | Difficulty – Easy Moderate | Directions – Follow our Broadway Tower travel map

On the western side of the Cotswolds, a steep hill (about 700 feet [200 m] high) marks the boundary between the Cotswold Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sever Valley. While there may be no drama for the Seven Sisters rocks, the hill is a beautiful mountain country with views from the top. Our three best Cotswolds walks use the Cotswold Way – this is one of them.

But there are two other drawcards on this trip. First, it starts and ends in the town of Broadway – one of the most beautiful villages in the Cotswolds walks. It has art exhibitions, wine bars, and big fish and chips.

Another feature is the Broadway Tower, the second highest point in the Cotswolds. Decorated at the top of the ice, a perfect picnic spot with a magnificent view of the many shiny edges on the horizon. There is also a cafe at the top.

The actual walk is less than 7 miles long and has two short steps that go up and down the hill. The route is easy to follow and takes about two hours and 30 minutes. Be sure to set aside time to explore Broadway including tea in the Tissanes Tea Room, a real ale at the Crown & Trumpet Inn or a glass of wine at the Lygon Wine Bar.

With so much happening in the area, this is a good base to spend a weekend in the Cotswolds.


This is the most beautiful place for the Cotswolds to view the magic from the top of the hill with beautiful family picnic areas near the beautiful Broadway tower.


Start – Castle Combe Car Park | Distance – 9 km | Time – 2 hours and 45 minutes | Height – 150 meters up and down | Difficulty – Easy Moderate | Directions – Follow our Castle Combe navigation map

There are many beautiful places in the Cotswolds, but Castle Combe is probably our favorite. Enclosed in the walls of the green valley it has everything that makes the Cotswold valley special: an old pub, a large mansion house, a beautiful church and a bedside stream.

Most importantly, the locals have kept you mostly car-free so you can take the village to its former pre-industrial age. It is a well-located area and the rural areas are ready to go.

The journey begins and ends at Castle Combe but between them passes through rural England. The trail follows a raging river, slowly rising into the forest before reaching the village of Long Dean. The right bend goes up a path with bank leaves, and then you cross the fields before going back through the weed tree. Just before returning to Castle Combe, a dedicated golf course provided excellent views of the city house, church and village.

It’s a great way to be fully immersed in a drink at the Castle Inn or the White Hart pub on the town market square.


This is the best tour of the Cotswolds to explore one of the most beautiful villages surrounded by lush green landscapes. Don’t miss the Castle Combe views from the golf course, but pay attention to the flying balls.


Start – Stockwell Lane Car Park in Cleeve Hill | Distance – region of 14.2 km | Time – 4 hours 20 minutes | Height – 300 meters rising and falling | Difficulty – Difficulty | Directions – Follow our Cleeve Hill climbing map

While most of the Cotswolds traverse the lush green countryside and beautiful small villages, these walks are very moving and varied. The main focus area is Cleeve Hill – the highest point in the Cotswolds at 330 meters. But what makes it special is the standard top cover. Unlike any other land, it is noted for its rugged appearance and the wild sheep and cattle.

But this trek does not go beyond the usual exploration, it also visits the Neolithic burial mound of Belas Knap, falls into the woods, runs along the river and collects the beautiful city of Winchcombe. Occasionally the route traverses the typical Cotswolds migrating villages; on the other, it is very reminiscent of Lake District. The interesting diversity makes this an excellent round trip in the Cotswolds and is one of our favorite things to do in the area.

At 15 miles by 300 meters of climbing, it is a great challenge for our Cotswolds trek. Allow 5 hours to complete the walk, have a picnic and enjoy a variety of views. From the top of the list, Malvern Hills, Black Hills, Cheltenham and Severn Bridge are visible. As it descends, Sudeley Castle shines near the picturesque town of Winchcombe.

The strongest trek through the rugged countryside, then this rounded Cotswold Way is for you.


This is the Cotswolds’ best hiking trail with the strongest and most amazing in the area. Take a break from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) burial ground of Belas Knap.


Get Started – Bourton-on-the-Water Car Park Distance – 17 km | Time – 5 hours | Height – 150 meters up and down | Difficulty – Moderate to cold | Directions – Follow our Bourton to Slaughters map climb

This is one of the oldest circles in the Cotswolds. It winds its way through lush green hills, two majestic valleys that cut through rivers, and four majestic scenery. There is no other circular route that better captures the unique beauty of the Cotswolds.

It starts in Bourton-on-Water, where the Windrush River passes through a mix of old tea houses and fashionable bakeries, making it a great base for a weekend in the Cotswolds. Leaving town, follows Warden’s Way to Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter.

The Slaughters have been without a building since 1906 and are innocent. River Eye (the River Windrush), which has been inaccessible for over a century, roams the beautiful honeycombs and beautiful churches with small bridges overlooking the river. The spinning wheel of the mill, the impressive hotel of a large house, on top of the charms of this Cotswolds tour.

After the Slaughters, the trail goes up into the fields and descends to Naunton, another beautiful village. Take a break at the Black Horse Inn and take a look around the beautiful houses and gardens surrounding the local church. Leaving Warden’s Way, the route now joins Windrush Way as it slowly follows the Windrush River as it heads back to Bourton-on-the-Water.

In our view, this is going very well in the Cotswolds to collect beautiful villages located on small rivers in the rolling countryside. What the Cotswolds really are talking about.


A great trek from the Cotswolds mountain to village to village gathering the most beautiful places in the area. Don’t miss the river placement below the week at Upper Slaughter.


Get Started – Old Swan Pub | Distance – 5.9-kilometer circuit | Time – 1 hour 45 minutes | Height – 40 meters up and down | Difficulty – Easy | Directions – Follow our Minster Lovell climbing map

While the ridge on the western edge of the Cotswolds offers the best hiking trails, the east side has a beautiful view of the river. It is a gentle and slow-moving way of life that makes it ideal for easy family outings, picnics for lunch and wildlife.

The Old Swan store stands at the entrance of the Minster Lovell overlooking the Windrush River around the local cricket ground. On the other hand, the church deserves a picture standing next to the ruins of an old house. From here the trail descends to one side of the Windrush valley, before crossing the bridge and returning to a slightly higher elevation.

There are two beautiful picnic areas along the river: one is below the ruins and the other is a short distance from the river pasture. It also has two large wildlife pools. The first is a small built-in house that is shallow and slow moving making it ideal for young children. The second is in a small reed pond just below the river. Here at the moment there is enough energy and it is deep enough to give you the right exercise. (Picnic areas and swimming pools are marked on the map).

All in all, it’s a great way to walk a few hours on a hot summer day. Old Swan paint is a great way to end a great day.


This is a great Cotswold hike for family trips in a beautiful area with a great option for safe wild swimming. A picnic on the grass banks after hiking and swimming is a great way to watch the sun go down.


Start – Stanton Car Park | Distance – 11 km | Time – 3 hours 30 minutes | Height – 210 meters up and down | Difficulty – Average | Directions – Follow our Stanton-Snowshill hike map

This circular Cotswolds walks tours up and down the hill and makes for a great day in the Cotswolds walks. Like others, it has sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. But it also passes through two beautiful villages, both of which have beautiful pubs that are well-placed to receive refreshment in the middle and at the end of the walking tour.

It starts in the village of Stanton, with the smallest cottages in the area. Then the Cotswold’s Way rises to the top of a mountain. It has risen 200 meters, but all the hard work is out of the way quickly. From here, another ride is a breeze.

Once at the top of the hill, the town of Snowshill glows on a hill facing you. Stand around the church in the middle of the green triangle, not just under a small collection of cottages. But within this small town there are Snowshill Arms and Snowshill Manor & Gardens. A ale serving a ale produced at the local Donnington Brewery and a former Cotswolds walks mansion and garden owned by the National Trust. Both are worth a visit.

From Snowshill, the trail runs around the hill collecting beautiful views before heading back to Stanton. There is no better way to end a Cotswolds walks than the local Mount Inn, where you will find some hikers tired of painting while relaxing their painful limbs.


This is a great move for the Cotswolds walks to climb a sturdy pendant in a well-placed pub. Snowshill Manor & Gardens is a delightful place to visit with the oddities collected by its eccentric owner.

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