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As the water glistens like crystalline blown on sandy beaches there are a few more beautiful beaches in the UK than Pedn Vounder. Tucked away in the far corner of Cornwall, here’s a way to safely visit this beautiful piece of paradise.

Pedn Vounder is a remote, spectacular area that could be the most beautiful beach in the UK.

There may be no large sand dune in the Rhossili Bay sand dunes, or safe, safe water in the Barfundle Pembrokeshire. It does not have the natural arch of the Durdle Door architecture, or the powdered white sands that bless the beaches of the Isle of Mull.

In deep water you would not even know that Pedn Vounder was here.

In the shallow waters, however, the mother nature transforms a rocky outcrop into a beautiful untouched corner of paradise. The light shines in the sand; Hidden carnations expose themselves to rocky walls, and layers of thick heads form a ball.

Part of Pedn Vounder’s charm lies in his lack of access to it. There are also a few dangers you need to be aware of. But if you want to experience paradise in a piece of entertainment, read our tips on visiting – in our opinion – the most beautiful beach in the UK.


The change of Pedn Vounder beach is what gives you the most attraction, but it means you need to visit at the right time. Located beneath large granite cliffs, the beach is completely covered by high waves, but as the water recedes, the golden sand forms an intimate space beneath the larger rocks.

Just before the low humidity began, a sandbar was unveiled to create a shallow, shimmering lake on the high seas, transforming the lake into a Caribbean idyll.

Therefore, the best time to visit Pedn Vounder is about 90 minutes on either side of the low tide. During this time, the green water of the lake in the sun and the hidden vegetation appear near the surface of the rock. Up to a rocky outcrop, walk to the pool, play in the surf, or take in some spectacular scenery. It was at this point that Pedn Vounder became – for us – the most beautiful beach in the UK.

Waves change with the seasons, but probably, sand begins to appear about 90 minutes after the strong winds. Therefore, it is possible to spend up to eight or nine hours on the beach before disappearing. Check out the wave times to plan your tour.

Obviously, try to arrive on a sunny day when it can be warm enough to enter!


For all its charms and beauty, it is not easy to get to the sea of ​​Pedn Vounder for three reasons.

First, it is far away. Located at the far west west of Cornwall is a long way from the major cities. Additionally, the final phase of driving to Pedn Vounder is more than one track lane passing through the farm, making the ride slower.

Second, it requires walking along the coastal road. Two nearby car parks (Porthcurno Car Park and Green Car park – see details below) for a distance of 20 miles to the beach. This route is a narrow coastal road and although it has small rocks and is uneven as it descends to the sea, it is very accessible to most people.

Third, the last 15 feet of the ocean floor require screaming under rocks. You will need to have your feet on your feet, be able to take modest steps in size, and you will need both your hands to get down. Having said that, there were a lot of equals 70+ who had a great day at the beach when we visited.

If you do not like to be attacked from the ground, spend a day at Porthcurno beach, then walk along the coastal road in shallow water to view the spectacular view of Pedn Vounder. The view of this Cornish hidden gemstone at lower levels from the upper rock is amazing.


Visiting a safe beach with heavy rangers and on-the-go amenities, the best option in the nearby Porthcurno beach area. However, if you have a sense of fun and are ready to visit the most beautiful beach, Pedn Vounder makes a great trip. But there are a few things you should know.

1 – As mentioned above, Pedn Vounder is a sea of ​​waves. Look at the wave times before you arrive and aim for the time around the low tide. If the waves aren’t ready, spend some time on Porthcurno beach before taking a 15- to 20-minute trek across to Pedn Vounder to see the top views.

2 – Do not go in pieces or on bare feet. A rash on the beach is deceptive and requires well-worn shoes. To make the explosion easier, go down towards the rock.

3 – The sand in the Pedn Vounder is more watery than powdery and may be very wet. Bring a picnic dress with a waterproof base rather than a towel to sit on.

4 – The torn waves can be dangerous in Pedn Vounder and there are no survivors. If you are not a confident swimmer, stick to a shallow pool directly between the beach and the sand or a shallow wave. Take care of both sides of the sandbar where the rip tides can be surprisingly aggressive. Even the strongest swimmers should not be too far away from the sand.

5 – There are no items on Pedn Voudner beach so bring what you need and make sure you take everything with you. Nearby restaurant, toilets and Porthcurno beachfront protectors.

6 – Pedn Vounder is a sea of ​​nature, so clothing is not an option.

7 – Bring a camera, it would be crazy not to take pictures of the most beautiful sea in the UK. The view from the sea is amazing but even more spectacular from the cliffs above. Be considerate of nudists roaming your gun.


There are two car parks ready to reach Pedn Vounder. Both travel 25 minutes by car from Penzance, or 45 minutes from St Ives. Keep in mind that summer vacation times can be very long.


Green Car Park has toilets (20p, coin only) and carries cash and card (£ 2 for up to 2 hours, £ 4 a day). There is a restaurant in the village (close all 2021 and it may not be reopened in 2022) and a beautiful town restaurant called Logan Rock Inn.

From the car park, follow the 20-minute whiteboard signs to Pedn Vounder Beach. Pass by the Green Farm Campsite and follow the public road for about ten minutes until you come to a coastal road. Turn right at the coastal road hanging above the cliff, then take a left turn to descend to the western edge of the sea. From here take a deceptive turn to the sea.


Porthcurno Car Park fills up quickly on high weekends and summer holidays, so it’s a good idea to arrive early or in the afternoon. Parking machines only take coins, so bring more. Our last visit (September 2021) was £ 2.20 up to 2 hours, £ 4.80 up to 4 hours or £ 6.60 up to 24 hours. The car park has toilets and a restaurant nearby.

From the car park you join the coastal road that rises on the east side of Porthcurno beach to the rocks above. Ignore the first right that takes you to the concrete pit, but when the road divides you take the right fork down to the west edge of Pedn Vounder beach and treacherous uproar.

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