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If you have powdered white sand and a secure sports setting, you will be forgiven for camping at Porthcurno Beach and not traveling. But there is more to this beautiful piece of Cornwall.

Located in remote areas of Cornwall’s dreamy beach, Porthcurno Beach is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. If you had soft white sand under your feet, a cliff pit on both sides and green waters on the shore, you could easily spend the whole day wandering. But if you feel empowered by the right photo setting, there are some good things to do as well.

Go to a theater carved out of the cliffs and the ocean advises you over there, take a glimpse of the beautiful coastal trail, or (most importantly) visit our favorite UK beach over there.

Additionally, in 1870 a water cable was installed on the sandy side of Porthcurno Beach, connecting Europe and India, reducing the time it took to transmit messages from churches to minutes. Porthcurno became a global communication point and today the museum stands proudly behind the sea.

Surprisingly, this place is now incapable of receiving calls. But there are worse places to go without a grid than Porthcurno, here’s how to get the best out of it.


Porthcurno Beach is located at the southern end of the Penwith Peninsula – the area west of Cornwall. It is a glorious beach but being at the end of the narrow lanes of the country in a remote part of the country, it can be tricky to get there.

Driving is the easiest way to get to Porthcurno, but regular buses travel smoothly during the summer months from Penzance.

Parking on Porthcurno beach

Porthcurno Car Park travels 25 minutes by car from Penzance or 45 minutes from St Ives, even if the summer holidays – and the roads are full – can take a long time. The car park is great, but if it fills up quickly on high weekends and hot summer holidays, then it’s a good idea to arrive early or late in the afternoon.

Parking machines at Porthcurno Car Park only take coins, so bring more. Our last visit (September 2021) was £ 2.20 up to 2 hours, £ 4.80 up to 4 hours or £ 6.60 up to 24 hours. The car park has toilets and is only a short distance from the sea.

When the car park is full, there is additional parking in Green Car Park. It is only a 5 minute walk, but it will take about 25 minutes to walk along the coast to Porthcurno. Green Car Park has toilets (20p, coin only) and carries cash and a card (£ 2 for up to 2 hours, £ 4 a day).


During the summer months buses run about an hour during the day from Penzance to Porthcurno, then on to Land’s End before returning to the roundabout. Please keep in mind that the bus system has been very busy with the epidemic and resources are very common in winter. Check the times here ahead of time.

The journey from Penzance to Porthcurno takes about 50 minutes. The bus stop is near the parking lot for a short walk on the beach.


There are many beautiful beaches to look at in the Porthcurno area, making it one of the most beautiful places in the country. However, if beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery are available, there are theaters and museums to walk a short distance from Porthcurno Beach and sea caves and fishing villages a short distance away.


Porthcurno Beach is a beautiful sand triangle encased on two sides by high coastal cliffs, with sparkling green waters flowing at the edges. It is a small paradise on the far corner of the United Kingdom.

The sand is a soft powder and is ideal for sunburn on a warm day. The sea, often protected from high winds, is an ideal place for easy sea swimming. The Lifeguard service is provided by the RNLI from 10am to 6pm mid-May to mid-September. There’s a cafe near the car park for coffee, beer, and snacks, but maybe we can suggest you bring your own picnic.

There are a few best beaches in the country to spend a few hours lazy but if you can’t walk them there are some great places to explore just a short distance away..


Near the western edge of Porthcurno Beach, a series of steps leading up to the cliff formed the magnificent Minack Theater. Following the natural line of the port, the view of the outdoor offshore theater offers a truly unique atmosphere.

The first operation at Minack was in 1932. But the progressive development of the following decades has seen it count as one of the world’s most spectacular stadiums. There are now excellent seating in the well-maintained gardens hosted by about 250,000 visitors a year.

During the day you can pay £ 10 to check in at the scheduled times between 10:00 to 4:30 p.m. However, it is the best experience to come and see the show. Tickets are about £ 20 depending on performance.

The season runs from May to September, and the show has to go on – performance will continue no matter what the weather (including rain) unless it is dangerous. Bring a pillow to sit on and a blanket for extra warmth. There is a small bar where you can take snacks and drinks when you enter, but you can also take food and drinks with you.


Walking west from the Minack Theater, you can enjoy a beautiful section of the South-West Coast Path on a 10 minute walk to Northchapel Cove. There is a short climb through a beautiful part of the Cornish coast before the trail descends to a quiet cove, protected by granite cliffs.

In the deep waters the sea is covered, but as it recedes, a fine lump of fine flour is uncovered. With no geographical or remote location, Porthchapel has never been crowded. However, it is a popular spot for seals that are often seen along the coast, perhaps enjoying the quiet sea.


A 15-minute drive east along the coast from Porthcurno Beach will take you to Pedn Vounder. This amazing secret beach is probably the most beautiful we have ever seen in the UK. Located beneath large cliffs of granite, in deep water, the sands are completely covered by waves. But as the tide recedes, the golden sand dunes rise up out of the blue sea and form a shallow port of water.

In shallow water you can dive into shallow water and dive into the sand, play in the surf that still points to the long side or explore the coves on the seafront. Nearby Britain reaches the Caribbean idyll.

The beach begins to appear about 90 minutes after the high tide, and the sandbar appears 2 hours on either side of the low tide. Getting off the beach is a little tricky, but if you are sure of your feet it is well worth the effort. If you don’t want to scream on the ground, Pedn Vounder’s views on the shallow water from the top of the cliff are still amazing.

Please note, it is one of the beaches of British naturists so clothing is not a complete choice. You can read more about it in our Pedn Vounder guide.


Nearly 150 years ago the first international telegraph cable connected Britain to the rest of the world. This reduced the time it took to receive messages from Britain to India and dropped from six weeks to about nine minutes. The telephone line reached the coast of Porthcurno and by the pre-Victoria era, the Porthcurno Telegraph station (the name of the dock PK), had become the most important in the world.

Today PK Porthcurno is housed in the Global Communication Museum. Going back to the Porthcurno Beach car park, it monitors the communication progress from electricity and Morse Code to fiber optics. It provides an intriguing insight into a rapidly changing world. Book in advance at PK Porthcurno’s website. There is a cafe and toilets on site.


Continue past Pedn Vounder along the coastal road and quickly reach Logan Rock, an 80-ton rocky outcrop on a massive granite wall. It used to be measured naturally and moved back and forth when pressed. However, in 1824 the sailors removed it, and they were forced to return it after complaints from the local people. Sadly, the move meant that it was now only slightly shaky, but it still retained the name Logan (meaning earthquake).

The distance from Pedn Vounder to Logan Rock is very impressive. The promontory is a cluster of dense cliffs of rock with pons grazing on grass-covered cliffs. Remains of the Treryn Dias old metal palace can also be found, though today they are just under a few mounds.


If you live near Porthcurno, there are some great things to do in a place far away. Here are a few suggestions.


If the cafe in Porthcurno does not produce the atmosphere you want, drive to Green, and pick up paint at the Logan Rock Inn. This 16th-century village cater to all the needs of the local area, including a good variety of real ales and home-cooked meals.


Nanjizal Bay is a short drive west of Porthcurno Beach (or 1 hour, 20-minute drive). It is a wild and rugged section of the coast known as the ‘Song of the Sea’ – a long arch carved by natural forces. It can be seen at any time but it is best for low-level waves where you can make your way through a narrow path under the arch. Half swimming in the lush green lakes, half hitting the rocks, is a fun exploration trip to the other side. We have more information on our hidden treasures of Cornwall’s guide.


Looking for a cool place for dinner? Try 45 Queen Street in Penzance – a warehouse with a small vibe in the old fishing town. The menu is simple, the only items you have chosen are to create a tasting board, but the ambience makes it worth a visit.


The beautiful fishing town of Mousehole (pronounce Mowzel) is only a 25-minute drive from Porthcurno Beach. Its small harbor is surrounded by stone houses and is lined with ball boats and a piece of ancient Cornish life. Don’t miss the Rock Pool Café, which sits above the sea level with the sea and The Ship Inn, which has air columns and real ales in comfort.


Holiday lodge is a great way to get the most out of the English countryside while living in this amazing part of Cornwall. The old cottages have a wide selection of buildings to suit all types of travel. Whether you are looking for a dog-friendly escape, something with a healing ocean view, or a relaxing jungle, here are some suggestions for your stay while visiting Porthcurno Beach.

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