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With foggy lakes, dense rivers and hidden tarns, there are hundreds of Wild Swimming in the Lake District. Here are our top ten swimming pools for family work and secret fun.

As we made our way along the rocky path, dew formed on the lower grass along the path, just like tiny crystals that hold in the morning light. A terrible fog settled over the lake, revealing a mountainous landscape that reflected the still waters in a moderate rhythm.

It’s cold already. A gentle breeze fills the surrounding mountains, enveloping us in water.

But we do. As long as we beat our sense of humor and indulge in a sense of accomplishment. After a while, the first flu bite subsides and the only thing left is the magic of wild swimming in the beautiful Lake District this morning.

Lake District is a great place for Wild Swimming in the Lake District swimming. The vast waters provide excellent scenery in the early morning, while small tarns (pools formed by glaciers) provide refreshing diving in the afternoons following high mountain passes. With rivers forming spectacular streams, thrilling streams and natural lakes that dive into the lakes, there is a wild swim in the Lake District for all to enjoy.

Wildlife pools on our list are farther away than most others. Some need to climb to get there; but all were rewarded with a magnificent sense of swimming in some of the most beautiful places in the Lake District with almost no one else.

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Swimmers who transmit invasive, non-native weeds to other pristine lakes in Lake District become a problem. So if you are planning to immerse more lakes please wash yourself, your swimwear and any other equipment during each swim.

This will help maintain the clean conditions of the English lakes. For more information on scuba diving in Lake District, find out rules from the Outdoor Swimming Society. But do not let that hold you back. Wildlife swimming is one of our favorite activities in the Lake District.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region by placing pumpkins under your belt in a beautiful lake.

The water is the deepest lake in the Lake region. The majestic rocky mountains surrounding the water create the spectacular scenery of the Lake District. While on a cold day the preparation may seem a bit awkward, have a warm, sunny afternoon and enjoy yourself. As the sun rises over the mountains, the water gleams in the majestic mountains. There are a few best wildlife pools in the Lake District.

There are small beaches sprayed along the beach where you can start swimming long distances, sleep in shallow areas or be filled with bank views. Looking up the great Gable mountain at the peak of the tragedy, or across the back of a rock scree as you swim, is a great way to go in the afternoon.

There are no facilities in Westwater, but Saw Mill Café a few miles south is ideal for coffee and lunch. Alternatively, the Wasdale Head pub is 5 miles away and is one of the best places to stay in the Lake District.


Park by the road in Westwater. The best swimming area is south of Country Beck.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake District to walk amidst the high, beautiful views.

There are a few more beautiful swimming pools than the Blele Tarn. Up in the mountains, the still waters perfectly reflect the beautiful Langdale Pikes, one of the most beautiful views of the Lake region. Early in the morning, as the mist rises from the lake, the Blea Tarn is filled with peace. It’s a great place for a refreshing rejuvenating swim.

There is a car park near the tarn and the trail goes down into the water. There are no buildings in Blea Tarn, so pick up your picnic and a coffee thermos.

If you do not want to bring your goods, go to the newly opened National Trust Sticklebarn restaurant in the Great Langdale Valley. They make light paint and have a friendly environment that describes the carbon footprint of each meal.

For more information on visiting this area, read our guide to Langdale Valley.


Park at the Ble Tarn parking lot between Little Valleys and Great Langdale. Tarn a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region by accessing the pool of lakes from the rocky ridges.

Following Langstrath Valley in the Borrowdale area of ​​the Lake region, Langstrath Beck turns into lush tropical forests and grassy plains before forming a magnificent small lake cut from a rocky outcrop. A small pond is wide enough to swim up and down about 50 feet [50 m].

However, it is much more fun to jump off a perfectly formed edge about 15 feet [5 m] above the water. Alternatively, slide down large rocks to the bottom of the lake for a relaxing rest. It is a beautiful remote place and one of our favorite wildlife pools in the Lake region.

The pot is a 45-minute walk up the valley from the village of Stonethwaite, which also offers some of the best views of the area without hindrance. The Black Moss Pot can be a little busy during the summer holidays and on weekends. But it is worth the trip and one of our favorite things to do in the Lake District.


Park in the village of Stonethwaite and walk the river for 45 minutes past the Langstrath Country Inn.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region near a large local restaurant.

Just 15 minutes drive along the Langstrath Beck from the Langstrath Country Inn, the river forms a small waterfall called the Galleny Force. In a beautiful part of the lovely valley, the waterfalls curve around huge rocks along the river, forming celestial bodies that rest and dive.

Schedule a camp here in the afternoon and spend your time cooling down the waterfalls, jumping from their rope or circling the valley.

Once you wet the atmosphere, head back to the Langstrath Country Inn in Stonethwaite with paint. It is one of our favorite restaurants in the Lake area and is a great way to end a day of wildlife swimming.


Park in the village of Stonethwaite and walk the river 15 minutes past the Langstrath Country Inn.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region to cool off in the morning is left in the calm waters.

Rydal Water is a quiet and peaceful place for Wild Swimming in the Lake District. Protected by mountain peaks and low, the water tends to be slightly calmer and slightly warmer than other swimming pools.

Surrounded by forested hills and cracks with running tracks, Rydal Water is an ideal place to work in nature. Take a walking tour, or run and introduce yourself to this great beautiful lake. There is a beach for easy access to the shelves and lots of grassy banks until you walk a few nice hours.

Rydal Water is close to the road and is not as far apart as other wildlife pools in the Lake Region. But the rocky beach is on the far side (20 minutes from the car park), so it keeps the feeling off the road. Combine swimming with one of the best hiking trails in the Lake region and you will have fun.


Park at White Moss Cas Park on the A591, then walk for 20 minutes non-clockwise around the lake.


A beautiful Wild Swimming in the Lake District in the Lake region on that distant mountain.

It doesn’t get too far away. Nestled in some of the largest mountains in the area, Sprinkling Tarn offers spectacular Wild Swimming in the Lake District. At an altitude of 600 meters, you reach Sprinkling Tarn for a long trek up the rugged mountain range. However, with rocky mountains rising to the edge of the icy waters of the wild grass, it is an experience that will literally leave you breathless.

Tarn is found on one of the best hiking trails to the Scafell Pike – the highest peak in the Lake region. After making your way to the Scafell Pike along the passageway, return via Esk Hause and make a short drive to Sprinkling Tarn. After your good swim, head back to Seathwaite Farm near Grains Ghyll to complete a day in the Lake District that you will never forget in a hurry.


Park on the side of the road in front of the Seathwaite farm, and walk for an hour and 45 minutes up the slope.

7 – Pots in ESKDALE

A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region to explore this beautiful and remote valley.

Eskdale is one of the most beautiful places in the Lake region. A wide, beautiful valley meets between high mountains; its distance adds to its rugged attraction. Since it is difficult to reach this valley, few people try to reach this beautiful area. This makes Eskdale a special wildlife treatment center in the Lake District.

Near the foot of the valley, the Esk River cuts through ravines and ponds and forms three large swimming pools. Kail’s pots and pans are beautiful ponds to sit on and rub with the relaxing water flow. Tongue Pot in a deep pool with high walls ready to jump into it for a great swim.

If you are coming here to get a dip it is best to check it up at the top of the valley. The ghyll (deep ravine) in the north is spectacular and the view of the Great Moss as far as the Scafell range is one of the wonders of the Sea.


Park below Hardknott Pass near Brotherinkeld Farm and up the Eskdale Valley. The Kail pot and Pillar pot is 25 minutes from the car park; Tongue in the Pot 20 minutes left.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region to immerse your limbs at the end of the day.

Loughrigg Tarn is a reedy pool built between farms in the center of the Lake region. However, despite its central location, it is often overlooked by crowds of passersby from the day they explore the mountains, returning to their hotel. After a long walk, Loughrigg Tarn is a great place to relax tired and relax.

Nestled among the lush green pastures of a small farm, Loughrigg is no less spectacular than the wild swimming on our list. However, the natural order and serenity are full of beautiful scenes of the Lake District.

Parking is close at hand, so only a short walk to the finish line will be perfect after a long day at the mountain trails. Access to the water is very easy on the south-east side of the tarn.


Park in the parking lot of Foulstep just above Skelwith Bridge, and walk for 5 minutes down the plains.


A beautiful wild swim in the Lake region for young children and families

Near the southern tip of Ullswater, in the town of Glenridding, the beaches are slightly sloping down to the beautiful part of the lake. It makes easy and safe access to water, ideal for young children.

There are large open grass banks and all Glenridding facilities (toilets, shops, restaurants, fine restaurants) are just a few seconds away.

St Patrick’s boatyard rents kayaks and boats, so you can grab water to make your own mini-adventure. Swimming from boats is allowed, as long as you can pull them back!

Ullswater in Glenridding is not a wild swimming pool on Lake County from the crowd, but for many days, you can find a decent place to call your own.


Park in one of the many Glenridding car parks or on the side of the road. It is a popular destination with pedestrians climbing to the top of the Helvellyn peak or boating boaters on the Ullswater Steamer. But often there is a lot to come and find a place.

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